Research Pride, initiated by the WH&Y Commission run by the Young and Resilient Research Centre with support from WH&Y researchers, Professor Rachel Skinner and Cristyn Davis, is breaking new ground. 

For many years, LGBTQIA+ young people and their allies have advocated for researchers and policy makers to do a better job of engaging with the LGBTQIA+ community to ensure that health and wellbeing responses genuinely and authentically meet their diverse needs. 

In June 2022, the WH&Y Commission held the inaugural Research Pride webinar with a view to raising awareness of the issue among research and policy professionals, and beginning to develop workable solutions. 

Hosted by Walkley Award winning journalist and @ABCQueer content lead, Mon Schafter, the event created an opportunity for the WH&Y community to share their experiences and offer insights into how researchers and policy makers can more effectively engage LGBTQIA+ young people in health research and policy development.

The conversation was frank, challenging and intensely valuable. In response, the team behind Research Pride have developed a resource that collects all the key messages from the event and which should be essential reading for all those with an interest in supporting better health and wellbeing outcomes for young LGBTQIA+ people: HEALTH RESEARCH WITH PRIDE: including LGBTQIA+ young people and researchers.


The following people were involved in the development of the Research Pride webinar, and the new key messages resource: 

Prof. Rachel Skinner (she/her), Research Fellow Cristyn Davies (she/her), Betty Nguyen (she/her), Maia Giordano (she/her), Stephanie Lum (they/them), Olivia Stewart (she/her), Dr Sharon Medlow (she/her) and the WH&Y PRIDE Project team members, Ian Bautista (he/him/his), Sahibjot Kaur (she/her), Jessie Whan (she/they), Sofina Le (she/her), Sharanya Ganguly (she/her), Jacqueline Gills (she/her), Holly Ellis (she/her) and Emily Williams (she/they).