What's the best way to engage and approach LGBTQIA+ young people in health research? What works well and what can we improve on? 

LGBTQIA+ young people, researchers and allies have been advocating for better ways to conduct research and engage with the LGBTQIA+ community so that health and wellbeing responses meet their diverse needs. With increasing calls for health research to be more inclusive, researchers have struggled to engage and conduct research in meaningful ways for the LGBTQIA+ community. 

Thats why we’re inviting anyone and everyone to join our Research PRIDE webinar this June. 

Hosted by the WH&Y Commission, the webinar will include a talk by researchers Dr. Rachel Skinner and Cristyn Davis, who will share their knowledge, experiences and insights around engaging LGBTQIA+ young people in health research.

You don’t need a background in either research or health to be part of the webinar - it’s open to anyone who has an interest in supporting better health and wellbeing outcomes for young LGBTQIA+ people.