WH&Y authors: Doctor Teresa Swist


This presentation was produced for the WH&Y Commission by Dr Teresa Swist, a WH&Y senior research fellow whose work has centred on looking at how societal and technical changes interact with each other, and with the wellbeing and health of young people. Teresa was involved in establishing the WH&Y Commission and in developing the WH&Y Engagement Framework.

In this presentation, Teresa explains how she has applied scenario planning methods to explore young people’s perspectives on the future of digital health.

WH&Y is committed to supporting the young people of the WH&Y Commission with the training and experience they need to be able to contribute meaningfully to the design and development of youth health services and policies. This presentation was part of a series on research methodologies.

The presentation

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Dr Teresa Swist is Research Fellow at the Institute for Culture and Society, Western Sydney Universi...